Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Man Has Picnic With Bear, Gets Mauled

You know what sounds like a great idea? Having a picnic with a bear!

At least that was one man's logic when he jumped into Finn the European brown bear's enclosure at the Bern Park Zoo in Switzerland. Finn loved the picnic idea so much that he immediately pounced on his new friend and started feasting on him.

Sadly -- and you might want to grab a tissue for this part -- police came to the man's rescue and shot Finn the bear with these horrible fragmentation bullets that splinter inside the target and make it so that veterinarians can't operate on the poor beast.

Finn is still alive, but no one knows for how much longer since he can't get the medical attention he needs. Meanwhile, the asshole intruder is probably going to live. Here's his picture, so if you ever see him on the street you can throw picnic baskets at him and call him a stupid bear killer.


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