Monday, November 23, 2009

Kenny's no Tony...

A few things...

- If you raise tigers, don't breed them for white coats. It's recessive, and you can only get it through inbreeding. Inbreeding causes issues (see Deliverance).

- If you raise white tigers, don't raise them in a place called Turpentine Creek. It makes it seem like the deformities are due to the habitat, not genetic, and that's just misleading.

- If you raise white tigers in Turpentine Creek, don't name one of them Kenny for Christ's sake. Give it an heroic name like Hercules, or Methuselah, or Terzi. Anything but Kenny, really.

Seriously, don't breed white tigers... asshole...


  1. I tried to breed Italians once to make fine leather sofas, and the same thing happened. I ended up with a bunch of retarded Guidos...and that is the story of how you were born, Terzi.