Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rooster + Pulp = Random Combo #4

In the spirit of keeping to the rules of my random combos, I picked the first video that popped up after the search... kind of graphic... my apologies in advance.

So... I mean, really? This is what kids do these days? I mean, at least the guy with the camera is trying to do something semi-creative. Somebody give these kids an outlet or something. Or teach them about metaphor before you show them Fight Club. You're not Tyler Durden, get over it.

I love part of the vid description: "*Deleted scenes not suitable for moral reasons-When Michi attacks Ronny, and he takes that psycho down! To a pulp*"

I'll search for a video of someone beating their head against a wall until they pass out. That's the only way I can top this I guess.

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