Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ho-Mo Pause

Dear Homosexuals,

Are we really still worried about the word "homo." Or specifically, the more dramatically disyllabic: "Ho-mo"
Kanye West, a modern bard to be sure, recently re-invigorated the term "no ho-mo."
There is a VERY SERIOUS documentary about the phrase "no ho-mo". I encourage you not to watch it. It is so serious and comprehensive piece of journalism, full of thoughtful interviews (mostly Ho-mos) that you may be ensconced, for hours, in deep reflection.

Instead, you should watch these old clips about the Mike Tyson, Mitch Green 1986 scuffle.

A simpler time, perhaps, where the word Ho-Mo was too ridiculous to interview a series of morons about.

No homo.

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