Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brick + Cloud: Random Combo #3

A Capella? Really, youtube? This is really all you've got to offer a guy who input the awesome keywords "brick" and "cloud"?

Ehh, I guess it could have been worse. Like I could be doubting my sexuality for having watched a complete video of an a capella group singing a Ben Folds 5 song. Oh shit...

Ok, ok, they've got some talent. But did the soloist really have to seem so disinterested? With less charisma than bubblegum stuck under a school desk, the guy could have actually left the room and brightened up the video.

Gotta say though... evidently, there are some cute girls in a capella groups. Is it possible for me to get laid through this blog? HEY, HOT GIRL IN THIS A CAPELLA VIDEO, HOLLA BACK!

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