Monday, December 14, 2009

Spineless Tool-user...

Happens that I'm on an animal kick... bear with me. This one is neither cute nor disgusting though... it's actually pretty cool.

For a long time, after people were getting used to the idea they they were, in fact, animals, human being were supposed to be the only animals that used tools. It didn't take too long for people to find that this wasn't true: chimps use sticks to catch termites, crows have been known to use cars to crack nuts, and sea otters use stones to break open shellfish.

But surely this is only a vertebrate trait! There's no way that lower lifeforms, that lack spines, nonetheless, can use tools! Oh, wait... there's this guy...

So where does that leave human beings? Exactly where they were. In the middle of a planet full of some really cool shit. Well, until we kill them all off anyway...

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  1. Indefinite Animal Kick.

    (that crow thing is pretty awesome though)