Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lazy My Ass!: A Day In The Life Of El Jefe

Being El Jefe is tough. I've got so much to do every day and so little time to do it. Here's a photo diary of my usual weekday.

I start my day -- usually around 3pm -- with a good morning pee

Then I go to the gym for a big workout

Then I paint road lines because that's one of my jobs

My journey continues after the jump!

Some more of my handiwork

Then I dress up like a woman and take my baby for a stroll

Then I take my dog for a walk

Then I write some movie summaries for Comcast

By the end of the day -- usually around 8pm -- I'm dead tired and just watch some TV

And that's how El Jefe spends his days. Not easy, huh!

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